Hall & landing lighting buying guide


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It is important for your hallway to feel welcoming, inviting and stylish and your landing lighting needs to be practical as well as pretty.

How to choose your hall & landing lighting

Your hall lighting is a great place to make a statement to wow your visitors. The best choice for a hall is a pendant light, but if you have more space you can create a welcoming ambience with an additional lamp placed on a piece of furniture. Whereas your landing lighting often needs to be a little more functional to allow for good visibility at the top of the stairs. However, it can still be stylish and by fitting a dimmer switch the lighting won’t be too harsh if you have to get up in the night.  Here are a small selection of our pendants that would work well in a hallway or on your landing:

Brushed Chrome Teardrop Pendant Light
Clear Glass Pendant Light
Whisky Glass Antique Gold Pendant Light
Madagascar Antique Brass Pendant Light
Beaded 5 Light Flush Ceiling Light - Silver

Here are some of our lamps that will work well in a hallway.

When choosing your hall and landing lighting make sure you consider:

Ceiling height

If you have high ceilings you can indulge in a more extravagant pendant light with either one or multiple bulbs. For lower ceilings pick a pendant that’s flush with the ceiling so the space doesn’t feel cluttered.

Your existing décor

Depending on the character and age of your house, you have probably decorated your hall and landing accordingly. It’s nice to reflect this styling with your lighting to avoid any design clashes, so pick a light that complements your look.


Halls and landings can be quite narrow and dark as they often have limited access to natural light. If you use brighter bulbs you can make the space feel bigger and more inviting. 

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