Dining room lighting buying guide


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Having the right lighting in your dining room is a great, simple way to add a sense of occasion to mealtimes. Whether you’re eating with your family or hosting a dinner party, we have the lights to help you dine in style. 

How to choose your dining room lighting

Dining room lighting should be all about relaxing and enjoying great food and conversation. Traditionally dining rooms have a central pendant light to cast light down onto the table, but you can use other lighting to add warmth and character, such as floor lamps and wall lights.

Types of dining room lighting

You are less likely to want harsh or bright lights in your dining room. It’s important to keep the lighting flexible, so adding a dimmer switch is a great idea to change the mood and ambience to whatever you want. We have highlighted pendant lights, floor lamps and wall lights as the best types of lighting for your dining room. 

Pendant Lights

From crystal chandeliers to a simple shade, a pendant can make a real statement. We’ve got designs to enhance every home so browse some of our pendants that would work great in a dining room.

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Floor lamps

Vertical floor lamps work really well in a corner of your room to create a warm, cosy feel, without being too harsh or direct. Look through all of our floor lamps that would work great in a dining room.

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Wall lights

Great for creating subtle lighting effects and enhancing key features, such as wall art or photographs. Uplighters have the additional benefit of creating a soft ambience in the room. Take a look at our wall lights that would work great in a dining room.

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Save energy & money

Energy efficient light bulbs

There are two main types of energy efficient light bulbs available:

Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL)

CFL are cost-effective and ideal for general lighting. Replacing a traditional light bulb with a CFL of the same brightness will save you money.

Light Emitting Diodes (LED)

LED are good for replacing spotlights and dimmable lights. They are more expensive to buy yet they are more efficient than CFL so they will save you money in the long term. By replacing all halogen bulbs with LED alternatives, you could save on your electricity bills.

Less efficient light bulbs

Traditional light bulbs

Traditional light bulbs, also known as tungsten filament, incandescent or GLS (General Lighting Service) bulbs were invented more than 100 years ago. Only about 5 per cent of the electricity they use is converted into visible light so they are extremely inefficient and also, they don’t last long because the filament gradually evaporates.

Halogen light bulbs

Halogen light bulbs use filament technology but they are slightly more efficient than traditional light bulbs. They are mainly used in spotlight fittings but as they’re often used in large quantities, the electricity used to light a room is greater. LEDs are an excellent energy efficient alternative.

Energy saving tips

It’s simple to save energy and money by making a few simple changes around the home:

  • Always turn the lights out when you leave a room, even if you’re just leaving the room very briefly
  • Be conscious about how many lights you use and whether you need them all on
  • Try to arrange light switches so that it’s convenient to turn them off, for example: place switches at the top and bottom of stairs, at each end of a hallway and by the door to a room
  • Use a sensor and timer on outdoor lights so they are only in use when there’s someone outside

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