Massive £40 Million Clearance

Contemporary Cool kitchen


This designer-inspired look is ideal for anyone looking to create a relaxed but stylish place to cook and eat. The base colours in soft grey and charcoal are the perfect backdrop for high-shine integrated chrome appliances and gadgets. Meanwhile the clean lines of the cabinetry and work surfaces form a near seamless backdrop for a few statement accessories, ideally plain and without unnecessary details. Open cabinetry is an option to break up the look a little while creating a useful storage and display space.

 Schreiber Appleton kitchen - Cashmere

Products to help complete this look

Miele CM6310 Freestanding Coffee Machine Black
Miele CM6310 Freestanding Coffee Machine - Black
 Home of Style Soho dinner set
Home of Style Soho Dinner Set - White - 12 Pieces
Price pending
 Stainless steel knifeblock
Home of Style Stainless Steel Knife Set - 6 Pieces
Price pending
 Home of Style utensil set
Home of Style Kitchen Utensil Set On Wire Stand - 6 Pack
Price pending
Heart of house vintage style plaque
Heart of House Vintage Style Plaque - Moustache
Price pending

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