Kitchen DIY advice


At Homebase, we like to help you and provide guidance wherever possible to ensure you have all the tools at your disposal in order to make home improvements. Whether it is buying a new worktop or perhaps replacing an older worktop surface and giving your walls and ceiling a refresh with a touch of paint, we will help you step by step to make your life easier and to ensure you get the result you want.
Whether you have either a traditional or modern style kitchen, choosing the right kitchen sink and taps can be a tricky decision. With that in mind, we've put together a simple buying guide that will ensure you don't just buy the first one that catches your eye and you end up with what is most practical and suitable for your kitchen. 
When it comes to painting a room, one big question you will always have to ask yourself is, "how much paint do I really need?" Well the answer to that question has become a whole lot easier with our straightforward paint calculator that will do all the hard work for you and calculate how much paint you will realistically need to get the job done.