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We understand that when you’re buying any electrical appliance, it’s really easy to focus on the initial purchase price, and to forget about the on-going running costs.

However, in the long run, spending a little more on an energy efficient appliance can pay real dividends, saving you money and providing you with better value over the life of the product.

Energy efficient appliances don’t just cost less to run, they’re also better for the environment – find out more about energy-efficient appliances and their benefits in this handy buyers guide.

What energy efficient options do I have?

Appliances vary dramatically in the amount of energy they use, and are all graded in terms of their efficiency. Appliances are graded from A to G, with A being the most energy efficient and G being the least.

Whether you’re looking for a washing machine, cooker, kettle, dishwasher, fridge, or any other appliance, you’ll be able to find an energy efficient model.

What should I consider when choosing energy efficient appliances?

Which grade should I aim for?

If energy efficiency is your priority, then go for the highest grade you can afford. Whilst grade A (and grade A+/A++) appliances can be a little more expensive to buy, the lower running costs will almost always make up for this in the long term.

At Homebase, you’ll find a wide range of A, A+ and A++ rated energy efficient appliances. Discover our range today.

What does the Energy Saving Trust logo mean?

The Energy Saving Trust logo provides an extra layer of assurance that an appliance really is an energy efficient model. Models displaying the logo have to meet strict, appliance specific energy-efficiency criteria to prove their credentials.

For example, refrigerators need to be rated at least A+ Grade efficiency rating to pass.

What should I consider when choosing energy efficient appliances?
  • Cost vs value – the more efficient the appliance, the more expensive it is likely to be, but you’ll make these savings back in reduced running costs.
  • Size – as with any kind of appliance, it’s a good idea to check that you’ve got enough space for it.
  • Energy consumption – as well as the efficiency grade, you will also find energy consumption information on each appliance. This is the amount of electricity the appliance uses during operation.
  • Noise – certain types of appliances can be noisy. If this is a concern, look out for models that have a quiet operation feature.
  • Features – No matter what type of appliance you are buying, they all come with different features. Compare your options to see which one best fits your preferences.

Are there any safety tips I should be aware of?

The same safety tips apply for energy efficient appliances as they do for standard appliances, so read the operation instructions carefully before use.

Are there any purchasing tips I should know?

When buying energy efficient appliances, be sure to compare a number of different models. No two appliances are the same, and even appliances that have the same energy efficiency grade may consume different amounts of electricity.

It can be a good idea to read online consumer reviews to see which appliances other consumers recommend.

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