Superhero bedroom


Give your little superhero the fantastic superhero den they deserve.

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superhero intro

Superheroes are big news and they’re great role models for our children. Encourage your little ones to be confident and brave, just like their heroes, with a room that’s full of bright colours and awash with imagination.

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Hide out in superhero headquarters


Create a superhero den for your very own superhero. Simply follow our step-by-step guide for everything you need to know.

Step-by-step guide

Step 1

Brighten up the walls with Striking Cyan.

Step 2

Using different shaped cardboard boxes, mark out a skyline. Simply draw around the boxes with chalk to create the building shapes.

Step 3 

Seal off the edges using masking tape.

superhero how 1
superhero how 2

Step 4

Apply a coat of background colour over the edge of the masking tape (inside the area you’ll be painting black) and allow to dry.

Step 5

Fill in your skyline, from top to bottom, using black paint on a small roller. When the paint has fully dried, carefully remove the masking tape.

Step 6

Create yellow windows with a potato stamp. Simply cut a square or oblong shape out of a potato to create the stamp.

Step 7

Brush yellow paint onto the face of the potato square and dab it on to the black buildings.

Step 8

Create a signal light using something round, a paint tin is ideal. Draw around the shape with chalk then use two pieces of masking tape, either side of the circle, to make the beam of light.

Step 9

Paint the beam with yellow paint and paint the circle with white. You might need to use a couple of coats.

Step 10

Use a fine brush and black paint to personalise the light with your little hero’s initials.

superhero how 3

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