Space bedroom


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Make their imaginations sparkle with a room that’s all about the night sky and the mystery of outer space.

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For young explorers with bright imaginations, a room that’s all about the night sky and the planets will be magical. Inspire their minds with scenes of stars, planets, astronauts, spaceships and rockets. Take the chance to add in lots of educational aspects too, this is one subject they’ll love to have as homework.

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Journey into the Solar system


Ignite their inquisitive minds with a space-themed room that’s full our sparkle. Simply follow our step-by-step guide for everything you need to know.

Step-by-step guide

Step 1

Paint the walls and ceiling with Lost Lake. Choose which wall will host the mural and paint this in Rich Black.

Step 2

As you’re using dark colours take extra care to cover up the areas you don’t want to paint. Make sure you cover yourself up too.

Step 3

Using a touch of water, thin down the Purple Pout and Striking Cyan shades of paint. A good ratio for this is 1/3 paint to 2/3 water.

space how 1
space how 2

Step 4

Begin with Striking Cyan. Dip a small paintbrush into the paint, hold it in front of the black wall then sharply tap the paintbrush with the handle of another brush. This simple technique will make the paint spatter onto the wall and create the magical galaxy effect you’re looking for.

Step 5

Repeat the process using Purple Pout, this time use a little less. Lastly flick some White Cotton on to the lift the design and add another dimension.

Step 6

To give the ‘stars’ a twinkling effect, lighty run White Cotton along an edge of card as you hold it over the white splodges.

Step 7

Make a few stars bigger by adding white paint to them. An ideal way to do this is by dabbing on the paint using the end of a cotton bud.

Step 8

Allow the paint to dry.

space how 3

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