How to upcycle a cupboard into shoe storage


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An old and unloved bookcase or cupboard can easily be upcycled to create chic and cheap storage for all your favourite footwear.

Step 1: Clean cupboard

Make sure that your piece of furniture is both clean and dust free inside and out.

Step 2: Paint inside

Paint the interior of your bookcase in your chosen colour, you may need 2 coats, but wait for the first one to dry before applying the next.

Top tip

Removing the doors makes painting the inside less fiddly and you can avoid getting paint on the hinges.

Step 3: Cut wallpaper

When the paint is dry you can wallpaper the back panel. Measure your paper a little longer than you actually need then cut it to size, using scissors for a really straight edge.

Top tip

Try your piece of wallpaper for size before you apply your glue.

Step 4: Apply wallpaper

Paste the back of your wallpaper with PVA glue then working from the centre outwards, apply gentle pressure to adhere the paper to the cupboard.

Step 5: Paint outside

Paint the outside of your bookcase making sure to start at the top so avoid any drips as it dries. Leave it to dry thoroughly.

Step 6: Cut and paint dowels

Decide how many rows of shoes you can fit in then cut the dowels to size, using 2 for each shelf, then paint them.

Step 7: Screw loops

Screw your loops to the inside of the cupboard at the positions you’d like your dowels to sit.

Step 8: Fix dowels

Fix your cup hooks onto the dowels then mount them into the loops you’ve positioned inside the cupboard.

Apply wallpaper
Paint exterior
Fix dowels

Tools for the job:

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