How to paint a ceiling design in a child’s bedroom


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Paint an amazing sunburst on the ceiling to create a wonderful talking point in very little time.

Step 1: Sketch design

Work out what you want your design to look like on a piece of paper.

Step 2: Draw a circle

Anchor your pencil to the light pendant using a piece of string. Then use it to draw a circle around the light fitting.

Step 3: Mark rays

Measure the rays onto the ceiling and use masking tape to mark them out.

Top tip

If you paint the rays onto the tops of the walls as well it gives you a more 3D effect.

Step 4: Paint rays

Paint between the masking tape, making sure that you paint away from the tape to prevent the paint from bleeding under it. When the paint is dry, carefully remove the tape.

Step 5: Finish circle

Using your pencil lines as a guide, finish painting the circle by hand.

Sketch design
Draw a circle
Mark rays

Tools for the job:

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