Packing Away Christmas

Packing away

When Christmas is over, your final task is to take down all the decorations and store them until next year. It’s not a job that anyone looks forward to, but by using our handy storage tips it can be a lot more enjoyable.

Decorations down

If you have the original packaging it’s always best to try and put your decorations into it. However, if you don’t check out our top tips to keeping them safe and secure until next year:


Create a list of all your decorations so you know exactly what you have and don’t accidentally buy the same ones again.


Sort your decorations into different types, for example, keep all baubles together, so that everything’s easy to find next year.


Use clear plastic tubs as they’ll protect your ornaments from getting broken, you’ll be able to see what’s inside and they stack to save space.

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Wrap delicate items in newspaper or bubble wrap and store them separately or on top of the other decorations to keep them safe.

Label everything clearly in any boxes you can’t see into so you’ll be able to quickly find the decorations you need.

Keep wreaths dry and protected by storing them loosely in plastic bags, then hang them from hooks so they don’t get crushed.

Trees and lights wrapped

As it can be difficult to get your artificial tree back into its original packaging, a large plastic or canvas bag can be a great alternative, and prevent it from getting squashed.

If you have a cardboard spool, tube or coat hanger you can wind the lights around it to stop them getting tangled. Then simply pop them into a rigid box so none get broken.

Fabrics folded

To make sure all your seasonal linens are fresh and ready for next year make sure they’re all laundered according to their washing instructions.

Then for a great space saving storage solution, pop them into some vacuum bags and watch them shrink before your eyes.

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