How to get creative at Christmas


How to be creative this Christmas

Do something different with you decorations this year

5 Creative ideas for Christmas

This year, why not do something different with your decorations? Get creative with Christmas arts and crafts, do homemade decorations, or simply be clever when decking the halls; there are lots of ways to get the whole family involved and save some money while you're at it. We've collected our favourite creative ideas and DIY tips to help get your home ready to host the perfect Christmas.

1. Festive Fireplaces

Log burners, electric fireplaces, or a roaring wood fire: these are often the focal point of a room. So when it comes to Christmas you need to make sure your fireplace is as festive as possible, to help create that seasonal feeling in the room.

Ways to dress up your fireplace:

  • Show off your stockings. Hang your stockings from the mantelpiece, using sticky hooks. There's no better place for them than traditionally above the fire.
  • Shine a light on it. Drape fairy lights along the mantelpiece to give your fireplace some seasonal sparkle. For a simpler,
    more stylish look, fill vases with fairy lights and line them along your mantelpiece.
  • Bring the outdoors, in. Get artificial garlands or real foliage like ivy and holly, and lay them along the top of the mantelpiece.
    Then decorate with baubles, tie in mistletoe and red berry picks,
    and intertwine lighting for a really festive feel.
  • Hang a few baubles. A simple way to add another dimensions to your fireplace is to hang a line of baubles. You can hide sticky hooks under the garland so the baubles hang high above the fire.
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2. Stairway to Santa

There's nothing more magical than glistening fairy lights wrapped around a bannister, getting you excited for Christmas as you rush downstairs. But stairs can be adorned with more than just lights, they're a great place for adding garlands, foliage and even mistletoe.

Ways to dress up your stairs:

  • Add festive foliage. Buy artificial garlands and wrap them around your bannisters, adding fairy lights and pick decorations. Alternatively,
    go outside and pick pine cones and strips of ivy, then spray them with gold glittery paint. Allow to dry, then wrap the ivy around your bannister, tying the pine cones in with wire, and add a few red berry picks for colour.
  • Create leading lights. Wrap fairy lights around the bannisters. They'll draw the eye up the stairs and keep them well lit as winter draws in. To add some extra interest, use a combination of different coloured or shaped lights.
  • Think presents. Keep your stairway simple, but at the centre of the festivities, by hanging your stockings there. Command Brushed Nickel Metal Hooks are especially good for hanging present-laden stockings.

3. Wintery walls

Walls can sometimes be forgotten when it comes to decorating, but with a few DIY decorating ideas you can give your walls some seasonal sparkle. Drape, hang or stick something special to them to make sure Christmas is all around.

Ways to dress up your walls:

  • Frame Christmas portraits. Print off your favourite Christmas pictures of your family or festivities, and place in simple clip frames (of different sizes). Then arrange a collection on your wall with clear sticky Command™ hooks - a heartfelt collage that will be nice to keep up, or easy to remove when Christmas is over.
  • Rethink your tree traditions. If you're worried about space, substituting a tree for a wall transfer or fairy light arrangement could solve your problems. Use clear sticky hooks to mark the tree tips and hang lights between them, then intersperse with
    hanging baubles until it looks like a decorated tree (if using a transfer, do the same on top of it). To finish, put your presents on the floor below.
  • Do statement decorations. Hang a big decoration from yourwalls to give your room a festive feature. Alternatively, use a wall transfer and layer baubles on top with clear hooks for a 3D effect.
  • Show off your cards. There's the classic technique of hanging your cards across a wall: cut a long piece of ribbon, tie loops into each end, then stick hooks at each side of the wall and link with the ribbon. As you receive your Christmas cards, hang them on the ribbon one by one. For a more creative way of using your cards, transform your wall into a Christmas card tree. Create the tree's outline with fairy lights, attached by clear sticky hooks, and fill the space with cards stuck with poster strips.
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4. Christmassy ceilings

Adding festive elements to your ceiling ensures that Christmas encapsulates the room; plus, ceiling chains are a great way to encourage your family to be creative. There are lots of ways to add another dimension to your decorations by dressing up your ceiling.

Ways to dress up your ceilings:

  • Hang a falling star. Whether it's a bought decoration or clever paper contraption you've made, use clear sticky hooks to hang star decorations from the ceiling for a makeshift North Star.
  • Have a white Christmas. Christmas arts and crafts are a favourite for families, but anyone can create snowflake chains. Simply fold a piece of paper into a concertina fan, and cut out the shape you want without breaking the folds. Pull it out to reveal a chain, and do so to a few more pieces of paper to create an extra long chain.
  • Misplaced mistletoe. If you want to avoid mistletoe in your doorways, playfully hang it from ceiling light fixtures. Searching for mistletoe outside can be a fun family task and will bring the fun indoors when you find yourself constantly looking up.
  • Get crafty with crepe. Buy crepe and cut it up into lots of rectangular strips, all of similar size. Curl a rectangle lengthways and staple the two width ends together; thread the next rectangle inside it and loop around to staple together the ends of the second strip. You should now have 2 linked hoops of crepe - continue until a crepe chain is completed and hang across your ceiling.
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5. Doors that welcome Christmas

Christmas starts at the front door, so ensure you make a big impression. Dress it up with a wreath, brighten it with lights, and your guests will be excited to get inside and see how you've transformed your home this season.

Ways to dress up your doors:

  • Brighten your doorway. Christmas lights are a great way to keep your doorway bright on wintery nights; they also add a little sparkle and festive cheer. Attach with clear sticky hooks so the lights get all the attention.
  • Bring warmth to windows. If you have a crystalized window your door, or a clear window above it, why not give the glass a glow? Use sticky hooks inside your home to hang lights around the window edges, or hang sparkly statement decorations in windows above your doorway.
  • Cause mistletoe kisses. Mistletoe is a playful way to decorate your home: it's the perfect addition to inside doorways or to encourage a 'hello' kiss when guests arrive. Tie it to some ribbon and hang from a clear hook.
  • Hang some seasonal cheer. If a wreath feels like too much fuss for your door, pick a large hanging decoration. A rattan star or Jingle Bell Door Knockers work especially well, and can be hung with a hook or tied to your door knocker.
  • Add a Christmas wreath. Give your guests a festive welcome before you even open your door, with a beautiful Christmas wreath. There are so many variations on what a wreath can look like, so you can easily stamp it with your own individuality - especially if it's one you've made yourself. Just follow the simple tips we've provided below.
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