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How to decorate a Christmas tree


How to decorate a Christmas tree

A beautifully decorated Christmas tree literally lights up your home, the focal point not just of a room but also for your family to gather around as they celebrate Christmas. There's so many wonderful ways to decorate it, and with a few personal touches you can create your perfect Christmas tree.

Imagine your perfect look

Base your look around a colour scheme such as inviting reds and golds, or wintery hues like blues and silvers.
Then again, you might prefer a richly oriental style, or a look revolving around angels, snowflakes, or childhood sweets and toys.

Step 1 - Imagine your perfect look

Prepare your tree

Place your tree near a light socket so that your light's cable won't have too far to reach. Build your tree using the instructions provided or, if it's a real tree, ensure it's looking its best and as bushy as possible by stretching out all the tips and carefully pruning any unwanted material. Then tweak the branches to fill any gaps.

Step 2 - Prepare your tree

Brighten up Christmas

Blue, twinkling lights bring an icy cool look to life, whereas brightly coloured ones will evoke a wonderful sense of childhood. White lights go with any theme, but you can also mix your light sets, placing one string farther inside the branches to create an intriguing sense of depth. When adding lights, start from the top. Wrap them around your tree and turn them on occasionally to check they're evenly spaced.

Step 3 - Brighten up Christmas

Dress in layers

Garlanding ribbons, strings and beads around your tree as you hum along to your favourite Christmas songs is a wonderful experience in its own right. Don't forget to dress the top branches, however, and let some of your garlands or beads drape from the lower branches to lessen the sense of empty space between your tree and the floor.

Step 4 - Dress in layers

Add style and sparkle

Begin to hang larger baubles on the lower branches, reducing the number as you get nearer the top. Children always enjoy placing their favourite ornaments where everyone can see them, but remember to fill in spaces with simpler baubles to create a balanced look.

Step 5 - Add style and sparkle

Your personal touch

Low priced toys or gifts hidden amongst the branches can be handed out to children and guests on Christmas day itself, whilst larger room decorations like rattan reindeers or grinning snowmen spread around the base help give your tree a more natural feel.

Step 6 - Your personal touch

The final flourish

Crown your creation with a sparkling angel or festive star on top of your tree, but be careful when placing it there; use a step ladder if it's a bit too far to reach.

Step 7 - The final flourish

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