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Decorating Your Home for Christmas

Decorating your home
for Christmas

Adding some homemade decorative touches to your scheme is the perfect way to make your Christmas feel extra special and unique. Finding the perfect place to put your cards can be a challenge so how about making a festive frame that they can be pegged in and displayed. Candles are a must and it’s easy to make upcycled glass jar candle holders to scatter around your home. Even the humble logs on your hearth can be given a seasonal update with a dash of snowy or metallic paint.

Making a Christmas card display

Don’t let Christmas cards clutter your surfaces and fall on the floor. Create a stylish display by pegging them to customised frames that complement your festive decorations.

Here's how...

Remove the back and glass from the frame. Paint the frame in a well ventilated area. Attach the screws to the frame & twist wire onto the screws leaving enough space for your cards. Staple on your hanging strip & clip on your pegs. Mount onto the wall.

You'll need:

A picture frame, wire, wire cutters, wood screws, screwdriver, paint, paintbrush, hessian or ribbon, craft pegs & a staple gun


Decorating a glass jar

A great task to do with kids, making jam jar tea light holders is a simple yet effective way to add festive finishing touches to your home, or to give to friends as gifts.

Here's how...

Measure around your jar then trim your paper to size & cut out your chosen shape. Hearts, snowflakes and trees look great. Theme and decorate your jar. Pop in a tea light.

You'll need:

Kilner jars, old book pages or music sheets, scissors, double sided tape, string, hessian or ribbon & decorations such as feathers or cinnamon sticks.


Decorating logs

A roaring fire at Christmas is the perfect way to create a homely atmosphere but you can add even more festive charm to your hearth by displaying some logs spray painted in seasonal shades.

Here's how...

Clean your logs & mask with paper & tape. Spray paint your logs in a well ventilated area. Light even coats will prevent drips. Remove the paper when dry. Ask the manufacturer before burning the logs.

You'll need:

Logs, stiff brush, paper, masking tape, spray paint, mask & goggles.


Sparkling stairs

An interesting place to add festive feeling is in the hallway and on the stairs. Often the stairs are the first things guests see as they enter your home so they’re a great place for adding Christmas decorations including garlands, lights and even foliage and mistletoe.

Wrapping fairy lights around your banisters can create a magical look. Also try spraying pine cones and ivy with gold paint, twist the ivy around your banister with the pine cones secured in with wire, the effect is wonderful.

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Wintry walls


A central decoration could be just the thing to bring extra Christmas spirit into your home. Try hanging a large decoration from one wall as a focal piece. Framing some favourite festive photos is a stylish way to add some seasonal sparkle to your walls too.

Hanging foliage, greenery and garlands from the pictures and mirrors on your walls is a simple yet effective way to bring the feel of Christmas into your home.

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Snowy ceilings

Don’t forget the ceiling, it’s easy to add another dimension to your decorations by dressing up the ceiling with stars, mistletoe or homemade snowflake chains.

To make a snowflake chain simply fold a piece of paper into a concertina fan and cut out the shape you want. Remember, don’t cut completely through the folds. Unravel the concertina to reveal a chain of seasonal snowflakes. And for a touch of fun, why not hang some mistletoe from your ceiling lights.

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Finishing touches

Santa cushion

Dress every room with tasteful Christmas details. Filling vases with colourful sweets or decorations like baubles or pinecones is a simple way to bring colour and interest into any room or space.

Treat your home to some seasonal accents with a lovely festive cushion or two, shining glass vases and bowls or maybe even a statement reindeer ornament. A Christmas lantern and candle display will always create a cosy feel. And don’t forget a traditional poinsettia for a flash of flame red. 

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