Decorating the Christmas Tree

Decorating the Christmas tree

A beautiful Christmas tree is the show-stopping focal point in every home over the festive season. Whether you prefer traditional or contemporary Christmas decorations, understated elegance or cute characters, our tips will help you decorate the perfect tree for your home.

Pick a theme

When it comes to a good-looking tree, it’s all about the theme. First decide on a colour theme for your tree – popular options are warm reds with golds; cool blues accented with silvers; pretty pastels; natural earthy shades or rich jewel tones.

When you’ve decided on a general colour scheme your theme will develop as you choose the kind of decorations you like. Maybe you like a traditional feel with the red and golds or perhaps you’ll go for something more modern with the blues and silvers.

Head to our ‘Christmas looks’ page, there are lots of suggestions that could help inspire you to make that all-important decision.

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Start with lights

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How many LED lights do I need?

All trees are different and bushier trees might need more lights as they tend to get lost in the branches. The chart below will give you a good idea of how many LED lights to put on your tree.

Top tip: Try to pick lights that have a wire that’s the same colour as your tree as you don’t want it to stand out too much.

Tree height     LED lights (length in cm)*

*Figures are approximate and you may need more than one pack to get the optimum number of lights for your tree height.

Hang the decorations

How much garland do I need?

Whether you love tinsel or prefer popcorn and pompoms it’s good to have enough garland to wrap around your entire tree as too little can look sparse and too much can look overwhelming.

Tree height     Garland length (cm)*

*Figures are approximate. 

How many baubles do I need?

To avoid it looking like you have more baubles than tree, aim for about 12 small to medium sized baubles per square foot on the first 8 feet of tree.  You can then add in one larger feature bauble per square foot for balance.

Top tip: Blend your baubles with decorations in a variety of shapes, finishes and fabrics that have a similar colour scheme for a coordinated but interesting look.

Tree height     Baubles*

*Figures are approximate 

Finishing touches

Top the tree with a star, angel, large bow or snowflake, a Christmas tree topper is an essential finishing touch.

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