Decorating the Christmas Table

Decorating the Christmas table

Christmas lunch is a magical occasion and gathering everyone around a table that looks as enticing as the meal itself is part of the magic. With a little thought and forward planning it’s easy to wow your guests with a festive dining table that’s memorable and inspiring.

How to make a copper pipe candle holder

Keep your table decorations on trend and create a glamourous, industrial look with candle holders crafted from copper pipe.

Here's how...

Sketch out your design. Cut the pipe to length. Assemble the frame. Glue and wait to dry. Insert candles and light.

You'll need:

Copper pipe, pipe cutters, T junction and 90 degree bend joints, two part epoxy resin, candles, vegetable peeler & ketchup


How to make a hanging table decoration

Free up space on your table and create a magical, theatrical look and a spectacular Christmas dinner experience by hanging a festive wreath or a Nordic-style branch over your dining table and decorating it with lights and baubles.

Here's how...

Fix a suitable hook to your ceiling. Hang 3 strips of hessian and attach. Check the height and levels. Wire on your evergreen foliage. Wrap your fairy lights around. Decorate your wreath.


How to make a candle holder from punched tin cans

It’s easy to make quirky candle holders that cast beautiful light patterns on walls and surfaces around your home. Simply punching holes in tin cans can create your own personalised festive designs.

Here's how...

Draw your chosen design. Stick the paper onto the can. Put a log in your can. Punch holes around your template. Spray paint the cans. Always paint in a well ventilated area. Put in a tea light.

You'll need:

Tin cans, masking tape, hammer, nails, wooden log, paper & spray paint


Pick a theme

Dress up your table with a magical theme. There are so many you could choose from, how about embracing tradition with reds, golds and silvers, perhaps go with handcrafted pieces to create a cosy feel or go for all out with shimmer, glitz and glamour. Children will be delighted by a table overflowing with rustic woodland creatures, snowmen and angels.

Our Christmas looks


Place setting

Wild Berry

It all begins with a table cloth and a runner, whether you choose plain or sequined, crisp white or traditional red is up to you.

Once you’re happy with your base, adding in seasonal placemats and coasters will really start to bring your table to life. For a really chic and simple look use understated silver and white crockery then add in a shimmering bauble and Christmas cracker too. This simple look takes very little planning yet looks so effective.




Finishing touches

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