How to paint exterior windows


Tools for the job:

Giving your exterior window frames a lick of paint can really smarten up the appearance of your home. Follow our step-by-step guide to get great results.

Step 1:

Mask around the window to ensure the glass is protected while you paint.

Step 2:

Ensure the surface is clean and dry. Fill any cracks or holes in the frame with wood filler.

Step 3:

Lightly sand the surface to improve the paint’s adhesion.

Step 4:

Apply a coat of primer or undercoat to the entire frame and sill, allow it to dry fully.

Step 5:

Apply each coat of paint with a bristle brush, allowing each coat to dry thoroughly before painting the next.

Step 6:

If you use more than one tin of the same colour paint, check that the batch numbers are the same and stir each tin thoroughly before use.

Step 7:

When you paint your final coat, make sure your brush strokes only go in one direction and you’ll get a neater finish.

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