How to create personalised wall art


Transform a simple ‘floating’ shelf into wonderful wall art personalised with your child’s photo.

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Step 1: Preparation

Protect your table with dust sheets. You may also find it helpful to have some hand wipes at the ready for any spillages.

Step 2: Painting your shelf

Paint the top, bottom and sides of your wall shelf and wait for it to dry. You may need two coats. Ensure you have a pot of water handy for cleaning brushes.

Step 3: Carefully apply PVA

Apply a coat of PVA glue to your shelf.

Step 4: Sticking your photo

Making sure the shelf’s fixing holes are at the bottom, stick down your image while the PVA glue is still wet.

Step 5: Sealing your photo

To seal the image, put some glue on your fingers and smooth it across the image, over the edges and onto the painted shelf surface. Avoid rubbing the glue over the image too many times, as ink from the image may run.

Step 6: Allow to dry before hanging

Let the glue dry until it looks clear – this usually takes around a couple of hours.


Tools for the job:

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