How to create a personalised tray


Add a personal touch to breakfast in bed or dinner in front of the TV by making a wooden tray featuring a drawing by your child.

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Step 1: Preparation

Protect your table with dust sheets and ensure that your little ones are supervised at all times.

Step 2: Let us cut your board to size

Choose the size of tray you’d like to make and ask in-store for our board cutting service to cut a piece of plywood to size. 

Step 3: Carefully cut your wood strips

Cut two wood strips to the same length as your board and two strips to fit the gap either end of the board, between the first strips you cut.

Step 4: Sand rough edges

Prepare the wood for gluing by using sandpaper to smooth down all split wood ends and rough edges.                                                          

Step 5: Prepare the wood for gluing

Consider where the strips will be glued onto the tray base and where they’ll join together. Dampen these areas so the glue binds well to the wood.

Step 6: Apply Gorilla Glue

Wearing gloves, apply a thin layer of Gorilla Glue around the edge of your board. 

Step 7: Leave to set

Stick your wood strips in place, then put some heavy books on top to hold them in place. Leave to dry for about four hours, wiping off excess glue with wipes.

Step 8: Paint your tray

Once the glue has dried, remove the books and paint your tray – you may need two coats.

Step 9: Personalise your tray

When the paint is dry you can personalise your tray with your child's drawings. Put a thin layer of PVA glue on the base, then stick your child's drawings down. 

Step 10: Seal the drawings

Finish by covering the drawings with a thin coat of PVA to seal them down.

You could also use initials on the base of the tray, stick down images from a colouring book or draw directly onto the tray with permanent markers.


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