How to repurpose a bookcase


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Looking at a piece of furniture in a different way can give it a new lease of life. By turning a storage cube onto its side you can make a great children’s book box.

Step 1: Add colour

To add a pop of colour to your book store, carefully place your storage cube on its side, decide what colour of Fablon you would like, then cut it so it fits neatly inside the holes. 

Step 2: Get sticking

Carefully stick the Fablon inside the shelves, making sure it is perfectly aligned with the edge of the shelves. If you’re going to use 2 colours, leave the areas you want to be the other colour uncovered.

Step 3: Contrasting colours

Add some contrast with a second colour of Fablon, by lining it up with your first colour then sticking it on.

Step 4: Add the back panel

Screw the base to the underside of the unit at regular intervals and reinforce it for additional strength if required, as usually the back would not support as much weight.

Step 5: Attach the legs

Screw your chosen legs firmly to each corner of the bookcase.

How to repurpose a bookcase
How to repurpose a bookcase
How to repurpose a bookcase

Tools for the job:

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