How to organise your child’s toys


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An old bookcase is the perfect way to tidy up those cuddly toys. Just upcycle it with some bungee cord for super-secure storage.

Tools for the job:

Step 1: Measure up

Measure where you would like the bungee cord “bars” to go making sure they are evenly spaced across the width of the bookcase.

Step 2: Get drilling

Drill holes through the top and bottom panels to feed the elastic cord through.

Step 3: Build the structure

Assemble the shell of the bookcase, but leave out the centre shelves.

Step 4: Add the back panel

Fit the back panel as per the instructions on your bookcase.

Step 5: Thread the rope

Thread the elasticated rope through the holes, keeping it taut but not over-stretched then tie a knot on the outside of the bookcase at either end.

Top tip

Using painted letters and glue you can decorate and personalise your toy zoo.

How to organise your child’s toys
How to organise your child’s toys
How to organise your child’s toys

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