How to create a frosted window design


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By simply spraying Frosted Glass Spray on your window, you can increase the privacy in any room without affecting your natural light levels.

Step 1: Clean your window

Make sure that your window is really clean, you can wipe it down with a soft cloth but you may need to wash off any dirt and dry thoroughly.

Step 2: Mask off

Mask off the area surrounding the window and any glass you don’t want to spray by using masking tape and newspaper to avoid over spray. 

Step 3: Define your area

Define the border around your frosting using masking tape for a nice sharp line. 

Step 4: Spray your frost

Wearing your mask and gloves and ensuring the area you’re working in is well ventilated, spray on your Frosted Glass Spray, carefully following the instructions on the can.

Top tip: Spray from a distance using lots of light coats for an even finish.

Step 5: Tidy up

After spraying your second coat, remove the masking tape and newspaper.

Top tip: For the best finish, leave to dry fully overnight.

How to create a frosted window design
How to create a frosted window design
How to create a frosted window design

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