How to create a cosy room using curtains


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If you have high ceilings, finding the right length ready-made curtains can be a challenge. Follow our guide to see how you can re-work existing curtains with a few simple adjustments.

Step 1: Measure up

To work out the total length that your curtains need to be, measure the length from the underside of your curtain pole to the floor. This will be your drop.

Next measure the length of your longest pair of curtains minus the width of the header tape. The difference between this and your total drop will be the amount of fabric you’ll need to take from the top of your second pair of curtains.

If you would also like a flop over top you can take the amount of material you would like from the bottom of your second pair of curtains. A flop over is a shorter piece of curtain that hangs at the very top of your curtain.

Step 2: Remove header tapes

Using some sharp scissors remove the header tapes from your first pair of curtains.

Step 3: Make the cut

Using your measurements cut the amount of fabric you need to extend your first pair of curtains from the top of the second pair (including the header tape).

Step 4: A flop over

If you want a flop over, cut the fabric you need from the bottom of the second pair of curtains.

Top tip: Rather than measuring the whole length of the fabric, you can measure the edge then fold up your fabric and cut along the fold.

Step 5: Line up your curtains

Take your first pair of curtains and line up the new header from the second pair making sure that the good sides are facing each other, then attach them using a line of stitching on your sewing machine.

Step 6: Making your flop over

For your flop over top, sew your hemmed bottom piece to the top of your extended curtain so that the fabric flops over the front of your curtain and that the header tape on the back remains uncovered to hang it.

Step 7: Ruche your curtains

Pull the header tape to evenly ruche your new curtains.

Top tip: When you hang your new curtains try to use 1 curtain hook and ring for every 3 to 4 inches of pole. 

How to create a cosy room using curtains
How to create a cosy room using curtains
How to create a cosy room using curtains

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