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Which interior design trend are you?

Which interior design trend are you?

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Which decorating personality describes your home? I am...

  1. Relaxed & modern
  2. Quirky & iconic
  3. Quirky & iconic

Which are your favourite colours?

  1. China blue & pebble beach - muted greys and blues create a calming backdrop
  2. Slate & jazzberry - rich reds, deep purples and browns convey a strong look
  3. Biscuit & dove grey - elegant soft pastel colours bring together a delicate look

The wallpaper I would choose is...

  1. Constructed nature
  2. Striking flora & designs
  3. Romantic posies

To achieve the perfect lighting, I like...

  1. Strong, modern lighting
  2. Cost, authentic lighting
  3. Delicate, attractive lighting

For me the perfect wood finish is...

  1. Solid wood with a distressed look - naturally cosy
  2. Heavy dark wood - dark & romantic
  3. White painted wood - charmingly romantic

To complete my look I would choose...

  1. A range of textiles and items based on architectural imagery and typography
  2. Quirky finishing touches like world globe ornaments that really bring a room to life
  3. Pretty, delicate objects that create a vintage feel

So which trend are you?

  1. Mostly A's - You are Revival. A room that's clean and simple but still radiates style is right up your street. You like to relax in a casual environment with beautifully crafted furniture that allows for flexible living. No dark colours for you - instead you enjoy mineral coloured rooms that make any space seem light and spacious. You know a room's triumph in in the added details, original cushions, wooden clocks and individual ornaments excite the interior designer within you.
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  2. Mostly B's - You are Anthology. Travel, nature and history are all topics that interest you and you can't help featuring these subjects in your interior design. For you nothing else quite compares to the luxurious look that fabrics such as velvet, leather and heavy knits provide. You take pride in your eccentric nature and love to showcase quirky centrepieces such as stag heads and world globes. This Darwinian essence is all tied together with the use of rich reds, deep purples and browns to generate the look you desire.
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  3. Mostly C's - You are Scented Garden. You are a true romantic. The lure of soft pastel colours and subtle floral patterns is something you cannot resist. You like to build your vintage inspired room with elegant timeless furniture together with delicate lighting that creates a seamless gentle atmosphere. You understand that little touches go a long way and love pretty finishing accompaniments such as dainty photo frames and heart shaped feature ornaments.
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