How to store apples

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It’s great when your apple trees give you a bountiful harvest, but what to do with all that extra fruit as there’s only so much you can eat now and stew for later? Storing it carefully away can give you fresh apples for the months ahead.

Step 1:

Store apples in a place that is cool, with an even temperature of 2.7 - 7°C, frost free, well-ventilated, dark, slightly humid and free from mice

Step 2:

Choose containers such as crates, slatted shelves or shallow wooden boxes

Step 3:

Select blemish-free, medium-sized fruits, ideally with their stalks intact

Step 4:

Lay fruits in a single layer making sure that they don't touch each other

Step 5:

Place fruit carefully so as to avoid bruising. Apples can be stacked on top of each other if you are using a container with open-slatted sides

Step 6:

Check your stored fruit regularly

Step 7:

Remove ripe fruit from storage promptly as gasses released may speed up the ripening of remaining fruit

Step 8:

Discard any fruit that show signs of rot to prevent disease spreading

Top tips:

  • The ideal container will allow good air movement through the sides and over the top
  • Keep fruit away from strong scents that may taint them such as paint, fertilisers and onions