How to plant bulbs ready for spring


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When is the best time to plant bulbs?

When it comes to planting bulbs, autumn is the best time to do it so they can produce strong roots before winter and your garden can blossom come spring. If you notice any gaps in your garden throughout the year, choose bulbs that will appear and give colour when your garden is at its barest.

Step 1: Choosing where to plant

  • First you must choose whether you want to plant your bulbs in a border or in pots/containers.
  • To create an impressive display, a perfect border needs 25 to 50 bulbs.
  • When planting bulbs in borders it’s best to plant a cluster of around 6 at a time, making a hole for each bulb.
  • To create a more natural look to your flower garden try planting bulbs in irregular shaped areas, varying the spaces between the clusters.
Bulbs in plant pots
Tulip bulbs

Step 2: Planting your bulbs

  • First, work out the correct planting depth by measuring the bulbs from base to tip, and then calculate double or triple this measurement - for example, a 6cm bulb should be planted at 12-18 cm deep.
  • Now use a hand trowel to dig a hole for each bulb, place the bulbs in the holes with their ‘nose’, or shoot facing upwards, replace the soil and gently firm it down.
How to plant spring bulbs

Step 3: Water your bulbs

Watering can
Hose pipe
Top tips
  • Spring bulbs are a great way of providing early nectar for pollinating insects.
  • Daffodils are one of the easiest bulbs to grow and they’ll reward you with beautiful flowers every spring.

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