How to plant a cherry tree

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Any fruit tree can add structure and shape to your garden as well offering the promise of a bumper autumn fruit harvest, but cherry trees look especially beautiful when they blossom and fruit.

Step 1:

Choose a spot with deep, fertile and well-drained soil

Step 2:

Dig a hole that's slightly wider and deeper than the roots of the sapling

Step 3:

If the sides of the hole are compacted, break the soil up with a fork before planting

Step 4:

Remove the tree from the container, carefully place it into the hole to check the depth - the collar line should be level with the top of the soil

Step 5:

Holding the sapling upright, fill the hole with soil and press it down around the roots

Step 6: 

Check your sapling is now upright, resistant to a firm tug and has no roots showing above ground

Step 7:

Protect your tree with a guard if necessary, and use a cane or stake for extra support. 

Step 8:

Protect cherry flowers from frost damage by covering with horticultural fleece

Top tip:

  • Soak bare-rooted trees for about 30 minutes prior to planting and give containerised plants a good water before taking them out of their pots
  • It's important not to compact the soil too much, but don't be afraid of using your heel to ensure your tree is firmly in the ground
  • Keep trees well watered during the early stages of fruit development, they also benefit from a top-dressing of a general fertiliser in mid-spring