How to mulch


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This task is fairly straightforward regardless of your gardening experience.

What is mulch?

  • Mulch is organic matter (e.g. decaying leaves/bark) that is spread around a plant to enrich and insulate soil.
  • In the autumn, a ring of mulch around newly planted trees, shrubs or herbaceous perennials will help to protect roots and the crown of the plant from frost.
  • It is also a great way to suppress weeds.

Step 1. Choose your mulch

Bark chippings, leaf mould or recently fallen autumn leaves are the best. Don’t use compost or manure until early spring as the nutrients will wash away in the winter rain. Bark chippings make an excellent improver for heavy soils.

Step 2. Make sure the site is clear of weeds and the soil is moist

Remove any leaves and tidy up any debris. Water the area if needed as it can be difficult to wet the soil after the mulch has been put down.

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