How to make nature crowns


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It’s so easy to make beautiful nature crowns with anything you can collect on an autumn nature walk. Just follow the steps and wear it with pride.

Step 1:

Firstly cover your table with plenty of newspaper or a dust sheet

Step 2:

Measure the distance around your child's head

Step 3:

Cut a length of lining paper to create the headband for your crown

Step 4: 

You can cut this to shape or keep it as a simple band

Step 5: 

Secure the band using sticky tape

Step 6:

Decorate your band by sticking on lots of flowers, twigs, grasses and any other interesting natural goodies you can find using glue or sticky tape

Top tip:

  • You may want to double the thickness of the paper depending on how big you want your crown
nature crowns
nature crowns
nature crowns