How to make monster hands


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Prepare to scare with these gruesome monster hands. Just watch the video and turn an old pair of gloves into some creepy but cosy claws.

Step 1:

Firstly cover your table with plenty of newspaper or a dust sheet

Step 2:

Use scissors to cut 2cm off the ends of the fingers of your gloves

Step 3:

Cut ten claws out of coloured card. Make them about 7cm long, 2cm wide and curved from the top

Step 4: 

Cut out some scales from two different pieces of coloured card. Make these about 2cm wide

Step 5:

Use craft glue to stick the claws on the inside of each glove finger

Step 6:

Then stick three scales on the outside of each glove and let them dry

Step 7:

Use a brush and paint to decorate your gloves. Green paint makes great monster skin

Monster hands
Monster hands
Monster hands