How to make leaf mould

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Making your own leaf mould is a great way to create nourishing fertiliser for free while keeping your lawn and garden healthy at the same time.

Step 1:

Collect leaves from the lawn using a rotary mower as this shreds them nicely, you can also add grass clippings to increase the nutrient value

Step 2:

Pierce some holes in the bag with a knife or garden fork and tie the top loosely

Step 3: 

Place the leaves into a bin liner

Step 4:

If the leaves are dry moisten them with a little water

Step 5:

Leaf mould of more than two years old can be used as seed-sowing or potting compost

Step 6:

Leaf mould of less than two years can be used as mulch, soil improver or winter covering for bare soil

Top tip:

The bags will need to be stored for up to two years to ensure a good quality leaf mould