How to make a mini veg garden


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Whatever space you have, there’s always room for the kids to grow some yummy veg. It’s possible to make a small veg garden in a trough or a pot, you really don’t need much space all. It’s simple to get started with a few bits of essential kit. Add in a bit of tender care plus plenty of water and you’ll all be tucking into home grown good-stuff in no time.

Tools for the job:

Step 1:

First you need to line your container and add crock (broken pottery), to make sure the soil has good drainage

Step 2:

Using your hands, or a trowel, fill your pot to the top with peat-free compost

Step 3:

You now need to create a small furrow to plant the seeds in, do this with your hands

Step 4:

Sow your seeds in the furrow, spacing them evenly, and cover them over with compost

Step 5:

It’s important to keep the carrot fly away and planting mint, alongside your carrots, can help with this

Step 6:

Always plant mint in its tub as this will restrict root growth and make sure the mint doesn’t overtake the carrots

Step 7:

Now it’s time to add the rest of your plants

Step 8:

Most plants thrive with regular watering so water your plants every day and more in warmer weather

Step 9:

Enjoy watching your veg garden grow and eventually, eating your delicious produce

How to make a mini veg garden
How to make a mini veg garden
How to make a mini veg garden

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