How to grow garlic


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This task should be fairly straightforward regardless of your gardening experience.

Garlic needs a couple of months of cool soil to get established, so planting in late autumn or early spring is a great way to ensure it has the 0-10°C it needs to get started. By planting in October to November, you’ll be enjoying fresh potent cloves in early summer.

Step 1:

Choose where you are going to plant your garlic, any sunny, fertile site is ideal

Step 2: 

Add general-purpose fertiliser to the soil before planting

Step 3:

Plant the garlic in late autumn or early winter for the best results

Step 4:

Break up the bulbs into individual cloves

Step 5:

Plant the cloves just below the soil surface

Step 6:

Prevent birds from pulling up the cloves by covering the rows with horticultural fleece

Step 7:

Water the cloves well as they grow

Top tips:

  • Cloves should be planted 15cm apart and in rows 30cm apart
  • Don't water once bulbs are large and well-formed, as this could encourage rotting
  • Snip off any flowers that appear

How to grow garlic
How to grow garlic
How to grow garlic

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