How to give colour & structure to a wall with clematis


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Create an eye-catching feature in your garden by planting colourful clematis to climb up a wall. In this guide we explain how to fix supporting wires, then give you tips for planting your clematis.

Tools for the job:

Step 1:

Clematis love the sun and many flourish in partial shade. Depending on where you plan to position your plant, be sure you choose the correct variety.

Step 2:

To grow a clematis against a wall or fence, you will need to provide the plant with support; use trellis or wire the wall as our video demonstrates.

Step 3:

Drill holes in 30cm intervals, then use rawl plugs to screw in vine eye fixings – these hooks allow you to attach the wire.

Step 4:

Fix wire horizontally from eye to eye, making sure the wire is tight, then twist to fix it.

Step 5:

Dig a hole, just deeper than it’s original pot, to plant your clematis. If the plants roots sits lower than the surface of the soil it will encourage new root growth. 

Step 6:

Secure the clematis to the wires using soft string as this will not damage the plant.

Step 7:

Clematis love to have plenty of water so water it well as soon as you’ve planted it and carry on doing so throughout the season.

Structure 2
Structure 1
Structure 3

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