How to create a winter border

Just because it’s winter it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a garden filled with pretty petals. Give any border structure and colour by planting a winter border, which will continue to delight you as it grows in the spring.

What you can plant and where in your winter border:

BackMiddle      Front       
Camellia DogwoodConeflower
Azalea Japonica HelleboreCrocus
Hedging Conifer PoppyIris
Verbena Bonariensis FoxgloveHyacinth 

Step 1:

Dig over the selected area, paying particular attention to removing weeds by their roots

Step 2:

Plan your planting by making a sketch or arranging the plants in pots on the soil and moving them around until you are happy with how they look

Step 3:

Start at the back of the border by planting any climbers or large shrubs

Step 4:

Dig the holes in the soil and mix in a generous amount of compost to help new roots become established

Step 5:

Remove your plant from its pot and tease out the roots so that they grow into the surrounding soil more easily

Step 6:

Place the root ball into the hole, making sure that the top of the root is level with the top of the border soil

Step 7:

Fill in around the root ball, press firmly down and water each individual plant in as you plant it

Step 8:

Move on to filling in the spaces with medium-sized plants and lower growing plants

Step 9:

When you have finished planting water the whole border well

Top tip:

  • Label your plants as you go so you can remember what has been planted where