How to clean your greenhouse

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Cleaning your greenhouse will make sure that you get rid of the majority pests and diseases before the winter and are ready to start pottering in there again as soon as the weather improves.

Step 1:

Set aside plenty of time to clean your greenhouse so you can ideally get it done in a day

Step 2:

While you clean, move any plants to a sheltered area. Somewhere with fleece protection is ideal

Step 3:

Brush or vacuum the greenhouse to remove all the debris

Step 4:

Clean the structural parts with disinfectant or detergent

Step 5:

Wash all the panes of glass inside and out

Step 6:

Remove any old shade paint that has been applied to the outside of the glass during the summer

Step 7:

Ease out dirt trapped between panes using a flexible scraper or plastic plant label

Step 8:

Replace any broken parts especially draught excluders