How to build a bug hotel


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Create some creature comforts in your garden by following the simple steps and giving your insect friends a habitat to hibernate in during the winter. 

Step 1: 

Choose a suitable area that is level and on firm ground

Step 2:

Start by laying some bricks on the ground

Step 3:

If you have vegetable beds keep your hotel away from them

Step 4:

Make a simple wooden structure and lay it on top of the bricks

Step 5:

Place some twigs or dry leaves around the base of your structure to mimic a natural forest floor

Step 6:

Add terracotta pots to give bugs somewhere nice to live

Step 7:

Start to fill the gaps making sure you have lots of different sized nooks, crannies, tunnels and beds

Step 8:

You can create different habitats for your favourite creatures. Dead wood and bark for beetles, centipedes, spiders and woodlice. Bamboo, drilled logs, holes, and small tubes for solitary bees

Step 9:

Add a roof to keep your hotel relatively dry. Use old roof tiles or roofing felt

Step 10:

Add a sign to let the bugs know the hotel is open for business

bug hotel
bug hotel
bug hotel