How to care for a Poinsettia

Caring for your poinsettia

Follow our top tips on looking after your Christmas poinsettia and this year’s plant should thrive well into 2017.

The right temperature

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The perfect place

Position your plant in good light, away from direct sunlight and hot and cold draughts that might be caused by radiators, fans, heaters or open windows and doors.

It’s worth keeping your poinsettia pot on a pebble tray, as a humid atmosphere will give the red bracts of your plant a longer life.

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Overwatering will quickly damage your poinsettia, so it’s best to wait until the surface of the compost begins to dry out before watering it.

When watering, try to avoid the leaves and don't let your poinsettia sit in a pot or saucer full of water.

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When you’re maintaining your plant, remember that it’s delicate and can break easily. Be sure to remove damaged stems or fallen leaves regularly and don’t fertilise your poinsettia while it’s still in bloom.

If your plant starts to wilt, soak the root ball with warm water and you should see it revive within an hour.

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After Christmas

Trying to keep a poinsettia from year to year is tricky as it can be difficult to provide the right conditions for the plant to flourish. However, with the right care and attention, it can be done. If you want to give it a go, following these steps:

<  In March, gradually reduce watering. Prune hard back once the plant drops its leaves and keep it fairly dry.

<  In early May, increase watering. Re-pot when new shoots start to develop.

<  Once established, feed weekly with a balanced liquid fertiliser.

<  As the days shorten, from October 10th to 20th, give your poinsettia 12 hours of light each day.

<  For the remaining 12 hours, keep it in darkness at a minimum temperature of 65F (18C).  It's fine to supplement daylight with artificial light.

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Poinsettia in a basket

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