Garden jobs in September

Garden jobs
in September


September is a lovely month, the days are still quite warm and there’s still plenty of chance to get out and enjoy the garden before the cooler weather arrives.

Keep colour in your borders with late summer blooms such as Michaelmas Daisies and Verbena plants in tones of purple to pink. Ornamental grasses bring gentle movement and texture to borders while Echinacea and Rudbeckia bring interest right through to the autumn. Collect seeds or cuttings from healthy plants ready to plant up next year, and you can plant spring flowering bulbs now to enjoy next year.

David Hedges-Gower recommends September as the ideal month to care for your lawn, make repairs and get it ready for the winter months. Maintaining the lawn area is important now, especially when the autumn leaves start to fall. It's also the ideal time to plant a new lawn from seed.

And how is your shed fairing? Maybe you need to add some shelving to get the summer pots and furniture tidied away or perhaps you’ll be treating the garden to a new shed. Remember a shed can be a great multi-purpose space, ideal for winter storage and even better in the summer as a shady summerhouse retreat.

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