Garden jobs in October

Garden jobs
in October


There are plenty of jobs to keep you busy in the garden during October so take a look at our handy tips on planting, caring for your roses and maintaining your lawn. This month we’ve also included advice on everything from encouraging birds and hedgehogs into your garden, replacing the felt on your shed roof and creating additional outdoor storage.

Things you can do now:

  • Trim hedges before the weather turns 
  • Keep harvesting root vegetables and fruits
  • Prune back raspberry and blackberry canes
  • Plant tulip bulbs in pots and borders
  • Pot up tender perennials and bring under cover
  • Pick green tomatoes and bring indoors to ripen
  • Plant autumn garlic and onion sets
  • Collect fallen leaves for leaf mould
  • Give your lawn a last cut before winter
  • Divide large congested clumps of rhubarb

Top tip:

  • The surplus clumps will thrive in a mixed border

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