Garden jobs in November

Garden jobs
in November


Start thinking about sheltering your tender plants, looking after birds and pruning any inappropriate growth. It’s the perfect time for preparing all of your fruiting trees and shrubs so you get a great crop next year.

Things you can do now:

  • Raise your containers onto pot feed to prevent them from water logging
  • Cut back perennials as the foliage yellows, you can also dig up and divide large or over-crowded clumps
  • Regularly top up your bird feeders
  • Plant out new raspberry canes ready for next year
  • Cut back your strawberry plants and remove any runners, if you haven't already
  • Prune and reshape your fruit trees. But, leave pruning plum trees until the growing season as they can be susceptible to silver leaf fungus
  • Move container grown plants to a sheltered spot in the garden to protect them from strong winds and frost
  • Plant out winter bedding in pots or flower beds
  • Relocate around any shrubs before the ground gets too cold and hard
  • Clear out water butts ready to collect any winter rain

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