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This month we’re bursting with ideas to get your garden growing in March. Take a look at our top tips for growing your own succulent strawberries, tasty tomatoes and handy herbs. In two useful videos, award-winning gardener Adam Frost explains how to plant alpine containers to brighten up your outdoor space – as well as explaining how to grow your own spuds. If you’d also like to grow beautiful bowl plants like heather, simply follow the steps in our guide.

Planting advice:

How to plant an alpine container

Brighten up your outdoor space this March with some alpine plants. Watch Adam Frost tell you all you need to know about how to plant alpine containers

How to plant potatoes

March is the perfect time to plant potatoes. Watch award winning gardener Adam Frost explain how you can grow your own potatoes at home

Lawn advice:

Wildlife advice:

Other outdoor advice:

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