Garden jobs in July

Garden jobs
in July


July is upon us at last and with it comes much warmer days and if we’re lucky, a lot less rain! We have lots of ideas for keeping the garden fully hydrated through the drier months and some good tips for watering while you’re on holiday too. Lawns are a big feature in July and we have some great tips for keeping yours in good shape as the mercury rises. And if wildlife is your thing, this is a wonderful month, as it’s the time to encourage beautiful butterflies and useful bugs into the garden. Blooms such as Buddleja, Rudbeckia and Echinacea will invite lots of friendly creatures into your outdoor space; our guide will help you to get the garden buzzing with busy bugs in no time.

Things you can do now:
  • Deadhead your Hydrangeas to encourage new growth
  • During dry spells (approx. 2 weeks), give your lawn a good soaking once a week. This is more effective than light daily watering which can cause the roots to grow shallow
  • Off on holiday? Move your hanging baskets and containers to a shady spot and ideally keep them together to enhance the humidity around them. Water retaining gel can also be mixed in with your compost to keep soil moist for longer. Lawns can be left quite happily for a week or two, however remember to mow before you leave and soon after you return
  • Plant your herbs. March-August is the ideal time to plant and varieties such as Rosemary, Thyme and Mint are very hardy. Read our herb growing guide below to learn more

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