Garden jobs in January

With Christmas now behind us it’s nice to get back into the garden and catch up with any jobs that might need doing. It’s the perfect month to install a water butt ready for next year and to make sure your greenhouse is well insulated. Also it’s time to remember our feathered friends with a ready supply of food and water to help them through the colder months.

Things you can do now:
  • Compost your Christmas tree branches and needles then chop and burn the trunks on your home fire or chimnea.
  • Prune your rose bushes, removing any dead, dying, damaged or diseased stems.
  • Protect your plants (especially brassicas) from hungry birds with cloches and netting.
  • Start germinating your seedlings earlier with an electric propagator.
  • Edge your lawn on a day when the ground is soft for a cleaner, neater finish.
  • Insulate your greenhouse with bubble wrap to protect your plants from frost.
  • Care for any birds visiting your garden by keeping bird baths topped up and free from ice and feeding them a winter seed mix.
  • Pressure wash your patio and paths to get rid of unsightly dirt and to make it less slippery.
  • Install a water butt now so it has a chance to fill up ready for next spring.

Top tip:
  • Bird feeders can get mouldy when wet, so clean them regularly, but avoid chemical cleaners as these could harm the birds.


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