Garden jobs in December

Garden jobs
in December


With the fun and chaos of Christmas fast approaching it can be lovely to get outside in the garden for some peace and fresh air. December is the perfect month to make sure your plants, garden structures and tools are protected from the cold, but it’s also a great time for planting out bare root plants, deciduous trees and spring bedding ready for next year.

Things you can do now:
  • Check any winter protection you've used is still in place
  • Test your greenhouse heaters to make sure they're still working
  • Clean and oil your garden tools ready for storage
  • Prevent ponds and stand pipes from freezing
  • Prune your Acers, Birches and vines before Christmas to avoid bleeding
  • Harvest leeks, parsnips, winter cabbage, sprouts and any remaining root crops
  • Plant or move any deciduous trees and shrubs
  • Plant out bare root trees from November to March
  • Add a tree to your garden to add some structure ready for next year
  • Plant out spring bedding, such as Wallflowers, Primulas and Winter Pansies in beds and containers

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