Garden jobs in April

Garden jobs
in April


At long last, bright April days are here and summer is on its way. It’s a great time to be planting, caring for your lawn and tidying up outside. Whatever space you have, we’ve got some great outdoor furniture that all the family will love.

April is the time to plant strawberries, onions and potatoes so they’re ready for later in the year – see our videos for instructions. Create a beautiful lawn with advice from the UK’s leading lawn expert, David Hedges-Gower. And if you’d like to grow something different, the Japanese maple – our April plant of the month – is a delightful choice.

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Things you can do now:
  • Keep weeds under control by using weed killer on patios and running a hoe through beds and borders.
  • Tie in climbing roses, clematis and honeysuckle.
  • Sow hardy annuals and herb seeds directly into pots or beds.
  • Give your house plants more water.
  • Lift and divide perennials.
  • Re-cut the edges of your lawn to straighten them up and install lawn edging to make future maintenance easier.
  • Check tree ties to make sure they’re not cutting into the trunk and where necessary, loosen tight ties to allow room for growth.
  • Keep an eye on seedlings and as soon as they start growing leaves, ‘pot on’ to individual pots.
  • Look out for signs of pests and disease – the sooner you catch them, the easier they are to eradicate.
  • Once all risk of frost has passed, start sowing tomato seeds.
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