Garden jobs in May

Garden jobs
in May


The glorious month of May has finally arrived and it’s time to spend more time in the garden. Make sure you’re ready to enjoy the good weather with outdoor furniture that all the family can enjoy.

May sees luscious shades of green swamp the garden, herbs flourish and lawns become more succulent by the day. Adam Frost has some great advice for keeping your crops of strawberries and potatoes in good form. And if you’re wondering about protecting plants from late frosts, Adam has useful tips for that too.

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Things you can do now:

• Plant up your pots or hanging baskets – but be careful of any late frosts
• Cut back your bulbs - but let them yellow first
• Sow your salad and herb seeds – such as radish, lettuce and parsley
• Plant up a herb pot or planter to sit on the terrace in time for BBQ’s
• Keep an eye on watering, especially for new plants – it can sometimes be a dry month
• Freshen up your old pots
• Collect rainwater and look at other ways to recycle water
• Keep on top of weeds
• Open greenhouse vents on sunny days
• Mow weekly

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