Garden jobs in March


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There’s plenty to do in the garden in March, from mowing your lawn to adding compost to your raised beds and containers. If you’re ‘growing your own’ it’s a great time to plant onions, cabbages and radishes, so you can look forward to eating them fresh from the garden later in the year.


Things you can do now:

• Work in slow release fertiliser, mulch and chicken manure around trees, shrubs and hedges to feed them and keep them healthy.

• While the ground’s still soft put in supports for plants that will need them. Adding them later is more difficult and will damage your plants.
• Cut back any plants you grow for winter interest – for example, penstemons, forsythia, heather and pansies.
• Remove faded flowers from daffodils and tulips, but let their leaves die back naturally.
• Plant onions and shallots.
• If you’re growing vegetables like parsnips, radishes and cabbages, sow their seeds under cloches.
• If you have acid loving plants like rhododendrons, magnolias and blueberries, give them a fresh dressing of ericaceous compost and ericaceous feed.
• When there’s a dry day mow your lawn on a high blade setting.
• Use turf or lawn seed to repair any patches in your lawn and add a high nitrogen fertiliser to boost the growth of your lawn at the start of the season.
• Top up raised beds and containers with fresh compost. If they’re already full, remove the top 5cm and replace it with fresh compost.

Other outdoor advice:

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