Garden jobs in June

Garden jobs in June


Welcome to June! Early summer is here and we’re all out in the garden and enjoying the long days and summer air. Mowing the lawn and caring for the grass is a weekly thing at the moment so make sure you’re armed with all the right tools, tips and helpful extras to keep your grass looking luscious.

Colourful blooms are bursting from every corner of the garden right now – June is a really great time for flowers. Clematis is a wonderful summer plant with blooms to take your breath away. For more tips and ideas about planting and caring for clematis, look to our guide for inspiration.

Things you can do now:

  • Give your lawn a summer feed – if it’s dry opt for a 2-in-1 feed and weed product. If you want to use a 3-in-1 feed with moss killer, remember that this will need to be watered in – ideal if rain is predicted
  • Enjoy your rhubarb – harvest by gently twisting and pulling stems at the base of the plant. Do not eat the leaves as these are poisonous
  • If you’ve planted your rhubarb crowns (1 year old plants) this year, allow to establish this summer. Next summer will reap beautiful stalks
  • Deadhead established roses just below the bloom. This will encourage more flowers
  • In celebration of National BBQ Week, start to plan your outdoor dining space before the height of summer. Our experts’ guide to the 10 best BBQs and accessories is a great place to start

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