Garden jobs in August

Garden jobs
in August


August is usually one of the driest months so it’s the perfect month to be out enjoying the garden you’ve worked so hard on all year. Remember that to keep things at their best you’ll need to be watering a couple of times a day. If you’re planning a holiday, make sure you get a friend to pop in and keep the grass, plants and crops well-watered.

With the children on school holidays and the weather, hopefully, warm and dry the outdoor furniture will be getting lots of use. Keep furniture looking tip top by treating wood and metal pieces and cleaning rattan furniture.

Crops are ready for harvest in the height of the summer and if you keep picking the courgettes, peas and tomatoes they’ll keep on delivering more. The same goes for flowers too so keep deadheading and you’ll see more blooms. Now is also the time to prune wisteria and any rambling roses so they flourish again next year.

Ornamental grasses flourish well around now and including some in the garden at this point will mean you’ll have added interest in your borders right through to the autumn and winter.

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