Planning the perfect garden


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According to gardening expert Adam Frost gardens are about ‘people, plants, space and place’. He believes garden design is a simple process and as a seven-times winner of the Chelsea Gold Medal he’s had plenty of success with this approach. In this video Adam shares his tips on planning a garden and emphasises the importance of keeping it simple.

The first – and vital – step in planning your garden design is to think carefully about what you and your family will be using it for. Next you need to think about what colours and shapes you like and Adam suggests getting inspiration from books, magazines and the internet – for small or large garden ideas.

It’s very important to work out which way your garden faces and think about whether you want to come home from work to enjoy a drink on a west facing terrace or enjoy breakfast in the east morning sun.

Adam recommends drawing a plan of your garden to scale and putting the size of your terrace, lawn and garden edging down on paper. When it looks right, it’s time to create your outdoor space and he explains his own approach of starting with major planting like trees and shrubs, before introducing herbaceous plants, bulbs and grasses to create colour and interest.

We hope Adam’s video helps you plan a garden you can enjoy all year round.

How to plan the perfect garden

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